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Patriot Warrior Foundation Mission Statement

The Patriot Warrior Foundation is a non-profit 501(©)(3) organization which provides morale boosting events for America's wounded and injured Veterans and their families. PWF honors those who served by organizing outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and target shooting events. PWF provides all food and lodging for these events to participating military personnel and their families. Through social reintegration, these activities provide injured and Disabled Veterans a realization that, despite some traumatic injury, one can achieve virtually any goal through dedication and determination.

What we do:

PWF provides recently wounded and injured service members, their families, and severely disabled veterans and first Responders the opportunity and skills to return to as active and healthy a lifestyle as possible. We discovered that the quicker a person returns to an active lifestyle the healthier they become both mentally and physically. By affording service members a break from an institutional medical routine, and engaging them in enjoyable outdoor activities, we can assist them to avoid or reduce depression. Simultaneously, these activities teach them to adapt and adjust to living with their disabilities. By partnering wounded/injured Veterans with other service members who have adapted to similar injuries, they understand that, despite some traumatic injury, one can lead a full, productive life. There are also subjects which injured personnel and their family members are reluctant to discuss with medical staff. During PWF events, wounded Veterans and their families are afforded an opportunity to discuss any subject, with others who have been in the same situation. PWF conducts its events at no cost to the service member, providing all equipment, meals, ammunition, etc, including any adaptive equipment required. PWF members own the adaptive equipment and has experience to handle a wide range of disabilities, including: Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, amputations (including multiple amputations), loss of vision(including total blindness), and Traumatic Brain injury. We have not yet found a disability PWF volunteers cannot overcome.

PWF operating procedures include all preparations for an outing, including equipment familiarization, range training for firearms and archery, hunter safety education courses, as well as firearm and equipment modification.

We believe that family involvement is an integral part of recovery, and include immediate family members in our events whenever possible. By working with family members during PWF outings, we can instruct them in various methods of coping with their loved one’s disability, and introduce them to other people in similar situations.

Who we are:

PWF's Board of Directors is a group of military veterans and business professionals, who believe in providing America’s veterans every chance at a full and productive life. We believe that working with these men and women in the great outdoors is one of the most motivational tools we can use to help them return to a normal life. PWF has no paid positions, all of our coordinators and guides are volunteers.

PWF supports its program solely through donations and fund raisers. All of the hunts are donated by ranchers and landowners. PWF, as with most organizations, is constantly in need of donations to provide food and lodging, transportation, and a myriad of supplies for our events.

Information may be obtained by contacting any of the board members.
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